What are they saying about the lounger


It's super portable and super lightweight so you can carry it from room to room. Read More.


...parent of three boys, the first had chronic reflux and flathead, we didn't know what to do. We found the lounger and are grateful. It has truly made a difference in our children's lives.

David, Houston

This lounger from @sproutblossom has been a life saver for us #postsurgery & they are available to purchase...


My daughter had silent reflux after every feeding time. I think this Lounger was her rescue for reflux.

Jessica, Dallas

The quality of the Lounger is hands down the best I have seen... manufactured in Texas... all sourced in USA.

Martha, Austin

...concerned about flat head. As a working, stay at home dad, I wanted to find an anti-pressure baby head support safe space for my son to be happy while keeping him in sight and myself on track.

Jonathan, Albuquerque

Baby's dream furniture! I purchased two Namesake Loungers for my friend who delivered twins. She loves the flexibility and portability the lounger provides to make life easier.

Alexis, Baton Rouge
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